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Ancoats Coffee Co. – A Quick QR Code

You may have seen that we have just launched the new website for Ancoats Coffee Co. a unique coffee roasters based in Ancoats, Manchester. Having worked closely with the creator Jamie right from the beginning developing everything from his brand to his responsive e-commerce website, we sat down to go over ideas for his packaging.

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What will make the packaging great we thought? Well firstly it had to protect the special caffeinated contents. Secondly, it had to look fantastic to the customer and also provide them with all relevant information. Then we thought about what else it could do. Have you ever had an amazing cup of coffee and then thought, I’d like some of that stuff? Well we had, and then the brainwave came to have a unique QR code for each coffee packaging. This could then allow existing customers and more importantly those new customers to simply scan the QR code and it will take them straight to the online order page to replenish stocks or fill up that coffee void for the first time.

We like this touch so wanted to share it with you. Why not buy some Ancoats coffee and try it for yourself.

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