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Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimisation

What makes a good marketer is the ability to mix together a combination of different promotional channels and techniques to achieve an end goal.

Digital marketing is a world of wonder, spoke about my many but truly understood by few. There are tonnes of different avenues involved in digital – literally tonnes! Therefore, a digital marketing campaign can involve any number of different factors – from Google Ads to printed mailshots and much more.

These channels will be targeted towards the customer and the end goal is usually related to sales and search engine optimisation. In essence, these two are one and the same as higher rankings achieve more sales. So essentially, in simple terms, a good digital marketer will increase your sales and make you profit. That’s how black and white the result is. The process and the nuances in-between are a little more complicated though, so read on for more details.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the name of the game when it comes to digital marketing. We call it a ‘game’ purposefully too as the end result can be either frustrating or extremely rewarding; depending on the competency and skill level of your marketer. There are a number of tricks and techniques that can be employed to enhance your search engine rankings, too much to mention here! However, there are a few avenues that are proven to work a lot more effectively than most, and those are the avenues we concern ourselves with here at Unit36.

In fact, as time goes by, the number of different things you can do to improve your SEO begin to diminish. SEO becomes more sophisticated with time and therefore the ‘black hat’ and ‘white hat’ techniques of old fail to apply anymore. The aim of the game used to be to ‘con’ search engines into thinking a particular website is relevant and valuable. Nowadays it’s harder, if not impossible, to pull the wool over the eyes of search engines. Decent, honest and hard-working marketing efforts are required now – as it should be! Here at Unit36 our SEO techniques are tried, tested and proven to provide results almost instantly. Let’s take a look at what we make use of…

The Incredibly Insightful Infographic

Infographics are extremely useful to a digital marketing and SEO campaign and this form of media is becoming more and more popular as time goes on. Representing the middle-ground between a blog post and a poster, this form of media is both fun and extremely versatile. The most advantageous thing about the infographic? It’s share-ability! People love to share infographics in the world of digital marketing because they are so aesthetically pleasing and easy to take in. They make complex subjects simple to understand and are extremely eye-catching too.


Of websites with a CMS (content management system) are built using WordPress.


Of people will stop engaging with a website if images take too long to load.


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Of people will stop engaging with a website if the content/layout is unattractive.

Content Marketing and Email Marketing

Content marketing is an essential factor for SEO and rises in importance year on year. Since the conception of Google RankBrain the importance of this role has blossomed even further, as the search engine now uses artificial intelligence to essentially teach itself how to read. The importance of creating perfectly written, unique and valuable pieces of information relevant to your industry or niche cannot be underestimated or spoken about enough. SEO thrives on quality content, whether it be simple blog posts or detailed infographics.

Producing quality pieces of information and text on your own site will certainly help towards your digital marketing and SEO campaign, but you can do so much more with content marketing. This service allows you to share valuable pieces of content on other sites, making use of social media and other tools to gain attention, followers and more visitors to your domain. The technique of creating and distributing useful, relevant and consistently high quality content to attract a clearly defined demographic is perhaps one of the most natural methods of driving a profitable customer action online. Search engines will love you for it.

Email marketing is just as important as it has ever been to a digital marketing campaign. Every single email you send to a customer or potential new client should be considered part of your email marketing efforts. It does not always have to be an advertisement for it to be considered marketing. Creating a consistent style, approach and quality will help your company to build brand awareness, trust and loyalty amongst your customers. Here at Unit36 we can help you develop a style and an email marketing campaign that will run seamlessly alongside your existing digital marketing.

Technologies we use

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Web Banners

No marketing campaign would be complete without a spot of old fashioned advertising. Web banners, also known as banner ads, are a form of advertising on the internet delivered by an ad server. Embedding an advert into a web page to attract traffic to your site was one of the earliest methods of marketing online available. It is still just as relevant today as it always was. A successful web banner needs an expert designer with years of experience attracting traffic via adverts and an experienced marketer who will know exactly where to put them. Luckily, at Unit36 we have this experience in abundance.

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Here at Unit36 we have years of experience creating, progressing and perfecting digital marketing and SEO campaigns for a range of different clients and subject matters. Contact our team today for more details, or you can see some examples of our past work on our case studies page. One of your team members will be more than happy to talk, assess your options and advise you on what’s best for your digital marketing campaign moving forward.

Don’t have a campaign already in place? No problem, still give us a call and we can discuss how a marketing and SEO campaign will help boost your traffic and increase your profit margins. It doesn’t hurt to talk!

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