WordPress Maintenance Contract

What is a WordPress Maintenance Contract?

Our WordPress maintenance contracts are designed to keep your WordPress website fit and healthy at all times. We provide an essential service to ensure your website is operating on the latest release of WordPress, up-to-date plugins, and functionality is running smoothly all year round. All websites designed and developed by Unit36 come with WordPress warranty that lasts one month after the date the website is launched. After this period, we then ask you to consider a website maintenance contract.

What we offer

Offsite backups
regular backups of your website held offsight

Security monitoring
website secured and protected from hackers

Wordpress updates
all plugins, wordpress and theme code kept up-to-date

Professional help
you're dealing with WordPress experts

Bepoke Dev
our dev team are on hand for any website fixes

Data Migrations
weekly server backup migrations

Website staging
for testing and fixing any problems

Personal Communication
direct contact with one of our team

Do you need a WordPress Maintenance Contract?

Our WordPress maintenance contract has been designed to cover the cost of upgrading your WordPress installation and any plugins that are installed to add functionality to your site. The process and the reasons why you should consider a maintenance contract are described on the WordPress website below :


Covering your website with a WordPress maintenance contract ensures you keep a bug free website all year round. Fixing bugs that are created by outside influences beyond our control; such as site hacking, other security breaches and out dated or conflicting plugins, can be costly and would be chargeable – our WordPress maintenance contract covers you all year round.

24/7 Round the clock cover and Additional Security

If any of the plugins or functionality of your website do appear to be not working correctly, if you let us know we will aim to have the problem fixed with 72 hours of you notifying us, covered under your WordPress maintenance contract.

On average, 30,000 new websites are hacked each day. WordPress sites can be an easy target for attacks because of plugin vulnerabilities, weak passwords and obsolete software. Our WordPress security peace of mind gives over 30+ ways to keep your website secure and protect you from being hacked. It works to x common holes, stop automated attacks and strengthen user credentials.

How are WordPress Maintenance Contracts Calculated?

We work on a yearly costing basis of £450 plus £25 per category B plugin and £50 for a category A plugin. The categories are determined on the size of the plugin and their functionality.

  • eCommerce/other – £ on inspection
  • Category A – £50
  • Category B – £25

We choose all plugins based on the criteria of star rating, popularity, frequency of updates and level of support. Some plugins will cease to be supported. In the case of this, unit36 will look through the market place for a suitable replacement and make the necessary changes. If a category A or an eCommerce/other plugin requires replacing at any point, a charge will apply in accordance to the time it takes to replace at our day rate of £300.